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Colar, Kid Sheik

New Orleans trumpeter Kid Sheik Colar toured extensively with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band in the 1980s. Read »

Colbert, Charles

Architect Charles Colbert’s contributions to the shaping of mid-Twentieth Century architecture in southern Louisiana are profound. Read »

Colfax Massacre

In 1873 white Louisianians responded to Reconstruction policies with violence, resulting in the Colfax Massacre. Read »

Collas, Louis Antoine

Louis Antoine Collas was an adept and very popular miniature portrait painter who regularly traveled to Louisiana to paint plantation owners and merchants. Read »

College of Jefferson

SEE Manresa House of Retreats

Collins, Florestine Perrault

Florestine Perrault Collins, who began her career at age fourteen, was one of the first professional African American female photographers in the country. Read »

Colyer, Ken

Born in England, Ken Colyer was nonetheless a catalytic figure in the Traditional New Orleans Jazz Revivial which began in the late 1940s. Read »

Compromise of 1877

The Compromise of 1877 refers to an unwritten deal that settled the disputed 1876 US presidential election and ended congressional Reconstruction. Read »

Confederate Louisiana

As a member of the Confederate States of America, Louisiana provided soldiers who fought outside the state. Read »

Confederate Soldiers

More than 50,000 white men from Louisiana shouldered arms for the Confederacy. Read »

Congo Square

Congo Square, now Armstrong Park in New Orleans's Treme neighborhood, served as a gathering ground for Africans in the early years of the city. Read »

Connell, Clyde

Clyde Connell was a North Louisiana artist who gained international attention for her spiritually-charged totemic sculptures. Read »

Connick Jr., Harry

Harry Connick, Jr. is a pianist and vocalist, bandleader/composer, and actor from New Orleans. Read »

Constantinides, Dinos

Dinos Constantinides' orchestral works have been performed to rave reviews by symphony orchestras throughout the world, including premiers at Avery Fisher Hall and Carnegie Hall in New York City. Read »

Contemporary Children's Literature

Children's literature about Louisiana tends to focus on the state's unique culture and locations. Read »

Convict Leasing

Convict leasing was a system of penal labor instituted in the American South after the emancipation of slaves by the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution in 1865, involving the leasing out of prisoners to private companies. Read »

Cook, Jeffrey

New Orleans artist Jeffrey Cook toured the world in his twenties as a dancer before returning to the city to focus on creating sculpture from cast-off materials. Read »


Beginning in the mid-nineteenth century, several Louisiana cookbooks collected the diverse cooking styles of Creole New Orleanians. Crescent City cookbooks continued to represent Louisiana throughout the next century. Read »

Cooper, Judy

Judy Cooper is a New Orleans photographer best known for her vivid portrait work. Read »

Cottage Plantation

Andrew Jackson was entertained at Cottage Plantation while en route to Natchez after the Battle of New Orleans. Read »