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Brass Bands of New Orleans

The brass band has come to represent the distinctiveness of New Orleans, most notably in the African-American cultural traditions of the jazz funeral and the second line parade. Read »

Breaux, Joseph A.

Joseph A. Breaux served as the chief justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court from 1904 to 1914. Read »

Brennan, Ella

Ella Brennan is the matriarch of the family that owns twelve restaurants in New Orleans, including Commander's Palace. Read »

Brewster, Edmund

Edmund Brewster arrived in New Orleans from Philadelphia in 1819 and was recognized immediately as a talented young artist. Read »

Brice, Bruce

Bruce Brice's street murals in the Tremé neighborhood of New Orleans help him earn the first-ever artist's commission for the official poster of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Read »

Bridges, Ruby

Ruby Bridges, one of four African American girls to integrate the New Orleans public school system in 1960, came to symbolize the innocence and bravery of the children involved in the effort. Read »

Brooks, Cleanth

Cleanth Brooks, one of the foremost American literary critics of the twentieth century, spent fifteen years as a professor in the English Department at Louisiana State University (LSU). Read »

Brown, Bobby

Tulane alumnus Bobby Brown played professional baseball with the New York Yankees and won four world championships. Read »

Brown, Clarence

SEE Gatemouth Brown

Brown, Gatemouth

Though described as a blues guitarist, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown embraced a variety of music genres and musical instruments, including the violin, viola, mandolin, mandola, harmonica, and drums. Read »

Brown, Joe

Boxer Joe Brown made his professional debut at age seventeen at the Victory Arena in New Orleans. Read »

Brown, Robert W.

SEE Bobby Brown

Brown, Willard

Louisiana-born Willard Brown was a power-hitting star in Negro League baseball before the integration of the major leagues in 1947. Read »

Browne, Turner

Turner Browne, a still photographer and cinematographer, is best known for “Louisiana Cajuns/Cajuns de la Louisiane” published in 1977. Read »

Brulatour, Jules

New Orleans native Jules Brulator was one of the founders of Universal Pictures and Universal City Studios in Hollywood. Read »

Buck, William Henry

Artist William Henry Buck was among the originators of the “bayou school” of painting in Louisiana. Read »

Buckwheat Zydeco

Accordionist Stanley Dural, Jr., is zydeco’s most commercially successful performer and an unofficial ambassador of the musical genre and Creole culture. Better known as “Buckwheat Zydeco,” Dural helped introduce traditional Creole music to the mainstream. Read »

Buisson, Benjamin

Pierre Benjamin Buisson was a talented architect, engineer, surveyor, and publisher, was born in Paris, France, and migrated to New Orleans while in his early twenties where he advanced his career with work on major public buildings. Read »

Bukowski, Charles

Charles Bukowski came to New Orleans in 1942 on his first cross-country trips and returned to the city many times over the years. Read »

Bultman, Fritz

The art and life of Fritz Bultman evolved in three of the most vital American art centers of the twentieth century: New Orleans, New York City, and Provincetown, Massachusetts. Read »