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Coulon, George David, and family

The works of Louisiana artist George David Coulon are known for the meticulous detail and the jewel-like quality of his portraits and landscapes, most of which were painted between 1839 and 1902. Read »


The Council on the Development of French in Louisiana, commonly known as CODOFIL, is a special interest organization dedicated to preserving and promoting francophone rights and culture in Louisiana. Read »

Country Music

Country music in Louisiana grew out of folk traditions of white rural Southerners and includes rockabilly and Cajun music as subgenres. Read »

Courir de Mardi Gras

The courir de Mardi Gras is the rural celebration of Mardi Gras, or Carnival, in Louisiana, usually held in Cajun communities. Read »

Coushatta Baskets

The skills of the Coushatta Tribe’s contemporary basket weavers have elevated this centuries-old utilitarian craft to a highly valued art form showcased in private and museum collections nationwide. Read »

Coushatta Massacre

The 1873 Coushatta Massacre resulted from both anger about Reconstruction policies and the presence of carpetbaggers in the state. Read »

Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana

The Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana is the largest of three federally recognized Coushatta tribal governments. Read »

Couvent, Marie

Marie Couvent, also known as Marie Justine Cirnaire, was a wealthy free woman of color in New Orleans who donated property for use as a free school. Read »

Crawfish Boils

Crawfish boils are a springtime ritual in Louisiana. Read »

Crawford, George Ralston

Though he never lived in Louisiana on a permanent basis, twentieth-century painter and photographer Ralston Crawford visited New Orleans frequently and featured the city in much of his work. Read »

Crawford, Josephine

In the first half of the twentieth century, painter Josephine Crawford helped introduce the New Orleans artistic community to modernism. Read »

Creole Cottage

The French-designed Creole Cottage was a major urban house type in New Orleans during the early 1800s. Read »

Creole Literature

Few other movements in the American literary scene evoke exotic images rivaling those conjured by Louisiana's Creole writers. Read »


The term “Creole” has long generated confusion and controversy. The word invites debate because it possesses several meanings, some of which concern the innately sensitive subjects of race and ethnicity. Read »

Creoles in Literature

Representations of Louisiana’s Creole population are as varied and complex as the definition of the term itself. Read »

Crosby, Octave

Octave Crosby's Original Dixieland Jazz Band was, for a time, the house band at the legendary Paddock Lounge on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Read »

Cruikshank Case

With the 1876 Cruikshank Case decision, the US Supreme Court restricted the rights protected under the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth amendments. Read »

Cruise, Boyd

Alvyk Boyd Cruise was a multitalented artist and historian in New Orleans during the mid-twentieth century. Read »

Culver, Essae Martha

Essae Culver was a pioneering librarian and educator in an era when library service was beyond the ken of most rural Americans. Read »

Curtis and Davis Architects

The architectural firm Curtis and Davis designed the Superdome, Rivergate, and other notable buildings in New Orleans and throughout the state. Read »