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"When the Saints Go Marching In"

“When the Saints Go Marching In” has been adopted as the anthem of the city of New Orleans and is the fight song of its football team, The Saints, named in its honor. Read »

A Streetcar Named Desire

In 1947 playwright Tennessee Williams premiered A Streetcar Named Desire, a critically acclaimed theatrical work that won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1948. Read »

Abadie, Ben

Ben Abadie, head coach of Tulane's baseball program in the 1950s, is best known for his "field of dreams" training program. Read »

Abshire, Nathan

Nathan Abshire was a singer, instrumentalist, and songwriter who was a central figure in the mid-twentieth-century evolution of Cajun music. Read »

Accordion Making

The diatonic button accordion is a prominent and distinguishing feature of Cajun music, first imported to Louisiana from Europe in the late nineteenth century by German Jewish immigrants. Read »

Adams, Dolly

Jazz pianist Dolly Adams was a respected musician and band leader in New Orleans from the 1920s through the 1970s. Read »

Adams, Franklin

Franklin Adams was a prolific artist and teacher active in New Orleans for more than fifty years. His cross-media works spanned painting, sculpture, illustration, design, and architecture. Read »

Adams, Wayman

Painter Wayman Adams was primarily known for his portraits of prominent individuals painted in the “alla prima” style; quickly, often finishing his portraits in one sitting. Read »

Addison, Leslie and Yerger, George

SEE George Yerger and Leslie Addison

African Americans in the Civil War

Historians have only recently begun to explore the role Louisiana blacks played in the Civil War, despite the fact that African American military service helped shape key legacies of the war. Read »

Afton Villa Plantation and Gardens

Only the gardens and fragments of foundations survive from the fire that destroyed the Afton Villa plantation house in 1963. Read »

Aime, Valcour

Valcour Aime was renowned for his immense wealth, sugar refining experimentation, as well as his palatial plantation home and English garden. Read »

Alaux, Alexander

Alexander Alaux, born in France in 1851, came to Louisiana at the age of six. After studying in Europe, Alaux returned to Louisiana, where he painted with his children until his death in 1932. Read »

Albarado, Robby

Louisiana jockey Robby Albarado is one of the most successful riders in US horse racing history. Read »

Albritton, Sarah

Sarah Albritton is a self-taught artist and restauranteur from Ruston. Read »

Albrizio, Conrad

Though born in New York City, artist Conrad Albrizio did much of his work in Louisiana, and his frescos, murals, and paintings ornament Depression-era buildings throughout the region. Read »

Alférez, Enrique

Sculptor Enrique Alférez's life spanned almost the entire twentieth century, with much of it spent creating art works in Louisiana. Read »

Alice Plantation

In 1961, the upper floor of this house was floated by barge along Bayou Teche from its original location in St. Mary Parish, which was being developed as a subdivision. Read »

All Saints Day

All Saints Day or All Hallows Day is a Catholic tradition honoring the saints and also deceased family members each November 1. Read »

Allen, David

David Allen was a walking stick carver from Homer, Louisiana. His work often includes the heads of men, animals, and snakes combined with elements of popular culture. Read »