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KnowLA contains more than 1,100 images, which have been contributed from many organization in Louisiana and outside of the state. The images are presented here in alphabetical order.


Artemisia Absinthium

Absinthe - Illustration - Artemisia Absinthium

Absinth's characteristic green coloring is due to the ingredient Artemisia Absinthium, commonly known as wormwood. ZoomifyView »

Swiss Anti- Absinthe Prohibition Poster

Absinthe - Illustration - Swiss Anti- Absinthe Prohibition Poster

Switzerland's 1908 prohibition of absinthe liquor inspired this protest poster, made by Albert Gantner in 1910. ZoomifyView »

Absinthe and Absinthe Spoon

Absinthe - Photograph - Absinthe and Absinthe Spoon

Of the varied methods of creating an absinthe cocktail, the most popular called for placing a sugar cube on a slotted spoon over a glass of absinthe, then slowly pouring ice cold water over the sugar cube. View »

An Acadian barn at the Acadian Village and Tropical Gardens, in Lafayette, Louisiana, in the 1970s.

Acadian barn at the Acadian Village and Tropical Gardens in Lafayette Louisiana in the 1970s.

A black-and-white photo, taken in the 1970s, of an Acadian (Cajun) barn at the Acadian Village and Tropical Gardens in Lafayette, Louisiana. Written on photo: “On Mouton Road, just south of La. 342. A number of Acadian dwelllings, churches and other antebellum buildings have been brought together here to represent an early 'Cajun' bayou village. A footpath leads to a sleepy bayou past the historic structures and through the Around-the-World Tropical Gardens. A giftshop offers Cajun crafts as well as books on the Acadians.” View »

Acadian family returning home.

Acadian family returning home.

A black-and-white photo, taken in the 1930s, of an Acadian family returning home via the bayou. The location within Louisiana is unknown. View »

Acadian Home

Acadian Home - Photograph - By George François Mugnier

A view of the façade of an Acadian House, with two women and one small child standing on the porch, looking at the camera. What appears to be a decrepit outhouse is in the foreground, and on the porch sit several barrels. View »

Acadian Weaver

Acadian Weaver - Lithograph- Acadian or Cajun weaver working her loom

An Acadian or Cajun woman weaves fabric on her loom. ZoomifyView »

8-key bisonoric diatonic accordion

Accordion - Photograph - 8-key bisonoric diatonic accordion

A photograph of an 8-key bisonoric diatonic accordion. ZoomifyView »

Unidentified Accordion Player

Accordion Player - Daguerreotype - Portrait, 1850

This image of an unidentified Louisiana musician playing the accordion was taken in 1850. It indicates that the instrument was being played in Louisiana as early as 21 years after its invention in 1829. ZoomifyView »

Market Baskets

Acolopissa Peoples - Split Oak - "Market Baskets"

These split oak "Market Baskets" ca. 1900, are attributed to the Acolopissa Peoples from Terrebonne and Lafourche parishes in southeaster Louisiana. ZoomifyView »

Dolly Adams With Her Son

Adams, Dolly - Photograph - Pictured with her son

Ralston Crawford photographed Dolly Adams on piano at Don's Million Dollar Room, with her son, Placide Adams, on drums in 1953. View »

Dolly Adams

Adams, Dolly - Photograph - Seated portrait

It has been said of Dolly Adams that she was one of the finest exponents of pure New Orleans, Louisiana-style jazz piano. View »

An Advertisement for Mignon Faget

Adams, Franklin - Illustration - An Advertisement for Mignon Faget

Franklin Adams created the logo for famed New Orleans-based jeweler Mignon Faget, along with advertisements for her business, as shown here. ZoomifyView »

Costume design for a ballet

Adams, Franklin - Illustration - Costume design for a ballet

This 1978 illustration by Franklin Adams depicts his costume designs for a New Orleans ballet. ZoomifyView »

Longwaisted Strapless Bra

Adams, Franklin - Illustration - Longwaisted Strapless Bra

Franklin Adams used charcoal pencil and conte crayon to create "Longwaisted Strapless Bra." View »

Nurse´s Uniform II

Adams, Franklin - Illustration - Nurse's Uniform II

Adams' charcoal work "Nurse´s Uniform II" was created post-Katrina 2006 as part of his acclaimed "Layers of Intimacy" series. ZoomifyView »

Set and costume design

Adams, Franklin - Illustration - Set and costume design

Franklin Adams' set and costume designs for a theatrical production of "Victimes du Devoir" by Eugène Ionesco. ZoomifyView »

Stockings with Clothespins

Adams, Franklin - Stockings with Clothespins - Illustration

An illustration with charcoal pencil and white conte crayon by Franklin Adams entitled "Stockings with Clothespins", ca. 1994. View »

Pinafore Sundress (child´s)

Adams, Franklin - Watercolor - Pinafore Sundress (child´s)

Adams' 1999 watercolor, "Pinafore Sundress (child's)" was part of the late Tulane University art and architecture professor's "Layers of Intimacy" series. View »

His Heir, New Orleans China Town

Adams, Wayman - Painting - "His Heir, New Orleans China Town"

Wayman Adams titled this painting "His Heir, New Orleans China Town." ZoomifyView »