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KnowLA contains more than 1,100 images, which have been contributed from many organization in Louisiana and outside of the state. The images are presented here in alphabetical order.


Rendering of American National Bank Building

American Bank Building - Illustration - Architectural rendering of the American Bank Building

The American Bank Building in New Orleans was designed by the architectural firm of Moise Goldstein. Louisiana architect, Samuel Wilson, Jr., also worked on the project while he was employed by the firm in the 1930s. ZoomifyView »

American National Bank Building

American National Bank Building - Photograph - Aerial view by Charles L. Franck Photographers between 1979 and 1983

An aerial view of the American Bank Building in New Orleans, which was designed by the architectural firm of Moise Goldstein. Louisiana architect, Samuel Wilson, Jr., also worked on the project while he was employed by the firm in the 1930s. View »

1763 Map of North America

An Accurate Map of North American Describing and Distinguishing the British, Spanish and French Dominions on this Great Continent: According to the Definitive Treaty Conducted at Paris 10th February 1763 - Map - 1763 map of N

In this 1763 map of North America, cartographer Emanuel D. Bowen distinguishes the British, Spanish, and French dominions. ZoomifyView »

Andy Anderson Band

Anderson, Andrew - Photograph - Andy Anderson Band

The Andy Anderson Band, shown in 1963 at a party on Freret Street in New Orleans, was comprised of Anderson blowing trumpet, Ernest Robleau playing banjo, and Alex Bigard on drums. View »

Balzac Holds His Spot

Anderson, Matt - Photograph - "Balzac Holds His Spot"

Contemporary photographer Matt Anderson took this black and white photograph, "Balzac Holds His Spot," in 1995 during a stormy Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans. Anderson cited renowned photographers Henri Cartier-Bresson and Walker Evans as his influences View »

Portrait of Sherwood Anderson

Anderson, Sherwood - Photograph - Portrait by Carl Van Vechten.

Writer Sherwood Anderson lived and worked in the French Quarter of New Orleans during the 1920s. View »


Anderson, Walter Ingils - Watercolor - "Oak"

Walter Anderson devoted his life to artworks reflecting his uniquely stylized vision of the natural world, and utilizing a wide variety of materials. This "Oak" is watercolor on typing paper, made ca. 1955. ZoomifyView »

Oaks and Telephone Pole

Anderson, Walter Ingils - Watercolor - "Oaks and Telephone Pole"

The influence of primitive art, archaic forms, and mythic archetypes can be traced throughout Walter Anderson's career. This watercolor on typing paper is titled "Oaks and Telephone Pole." ZoomifyView »

Redwood Lilies, Stokesia, Bittern and Turtle

Anderson, Walter Ingils - Watercolor - "Redwood Lilies, Stokesia, Bittern and Turtle"

Walter Anderson created this linoleum blockprint on wallpaper in 1945. The title is "Redwood Lilies, Stokesia, Bittern and Turtle." ZoomifyView »


Anderson, Walter Ingils - Watercolor - "Thistle"

Walter Anderson made this watercolor and pencil on typing paper, "Thistle" in 1955, during one of his most intensively productive artistic periods. ZoomifyView »

Yucca Flowers

Anderson, Walter Ingils - Watercolor - "Yucca Flowers"

Walter Anderson painted this watercolor on typing paper, "Yucca Flowers," in 1960. ZoomifyView »

“Harvesting the Sea Bowl”

Anderson, Walter Inglis - Ceramic bowl - “Harvesting the Sea Bowl”

“Harvesting the Sea Bowl” c.1930s, ceramic, thrown by Peter Anderson, sgraffito decoration by Walter Anderson. ZoomifyView »


Anderson, Walter Inglis - Illustration - “Tern”

“Tern” c.1950-60, pen and ink on paper, Walter Anderson ZoomifyView »

“Horn Island”

Anderson, Walter Inglis - Oil painting - “Horn Island”

“Horn Island”, Oil painting, Walter Anderson, circa 1960 ZoomifyView »

Horizontal Pelican

Anderson, Walter Inglis - Painting - "Horizontal Pelican"

Walter Inglis Anderson's use of line, explosive color and recurring motifs were the technical means to an artistically distinctive body of art, as exemplified in "Horizontal Pelican." ZoomifyView »

“Chesty Horse”

Anderson, Walter Inglis - Photograph - Image if a ceramic piece entitled “Chesty Horse”

“Chesty Horse” c.1930s, designed by Walter Inglis Anderson for Shearwater Pottery. ZoomifyView »


Anderson, Walter Inglis - Watercolor - “Redwings”

“Redwings” c.1960, watercolor on paper, Walter Anderson ZoomifyView »

Autumn Leaves

Anderson, Walter Inglis - Watercolor - "Autumn Leaves"

Walter Anderson's numerous watercolor paintings defy any descriptive or stylistic category. They are creatively vibrant, poignant, expressive and uniquely real, such is the case with "Autumn Leaves," which the artist painted in 1960. Water Color and graphite on typing paper; 11 x 8.5 in. ZoomifyView »

Baby Green Heron

Anderson, Walter Inglis - Watercolor - "Baby Green Heron"

New Orleans artist Walter Inglis Anderson sought to unite art and nature, working in art, design, and decorative forms; however, his career was marred with bouts of mental illness. "Baby Green Heron" was made with watercolor and pencil. ZoomifyView »

Blue crab

Anderson, Walter Inglis - Watercolor - "Blue Crab"

Walter Anderson painted "Blue Crab" in 1960 with watercolors on typing paper. A prolific artist whose work is now held in high esteem, in his day Anderson cared little for success or fame. ZoomifyView »