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Percy Humphrey at the Microphone

Humphrey, Percy - Photograph - Performing

Born into a musical family in New Orleans, trumpeter Percy Humphrey began his career in the 1920s, became leader of the Eureka Brass Band in the 1940s, and played in the Preservation Hall Jazz Band from the 1960s until 1995. View »

Percy Humphrey with Jim Robinson

Humphrey, Percy - Photograph - Pictured with Jim Robinson

Jim Robinson (trombone) jokes around with Percy Humphrey (right) in this photograph. Both men were known for their versatile musicianship and warm personalities. ZoomifyView »

Percy Humphrey and Willie Humphrey

Humphrey, Percy - Photograph - Pictured with Willie Humphrey

Brothers Percy Humphrey (trumpet) and Willie Humphrey (clarinet) played together in the Eureka Brass Band and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. ZoomifyView »

Percy Humphrey, Willie Humphrey, Albert Warner, and Emanuel Paul

Humphrey, Percy - Photograph - Pictured with Willie Humphrey, Albert Warner, and Emanuel Paul

Percy Humphrey (trumpet) with his brother Willie Humphrey (clarinet), Albert Warner (trombone), and Emanuel Paul (saxophone) play at a funeral party. ZoomifyView »

Percy Humphrey

Humphrey, Percy -Photograph - Head and shoulders portrait

Percy Humphrey played first trumpet and was the bandleader of the Eureka Brass Band. He is pictured here with jazz cornetist Albert "Fernandez" Walters during clarinetist George Lewis's funeral in 1968. View »

Good'n Plenty

Humphries, Jacqueline - Painting - "Good'n Plenty"

New Orleans–born and New York City–based Jacqueline Humphries's large-scale paintings owe homage to abstract expressionism and minimalism. Good'n Plenty, made in 2007, measures 80 x 87 inches. ZoomifyView »

Sunset Red

Humphries, Jacqueline - Painting - "Sunset Red"

Artist Jacqueline Humphreys says she refuses to depict "real things" and wants to attract viewers through other means. This oil and enamel painting from 1996 is titled Sunset Red. ZoomifyView »

Horace Lawson Hunley

Hunley, Horace Lawson - Photograph - Portrait

A portrait of Horace Lawson Hunley. A confederate marine engineer who developed early hand-powered submarines during the American Civil War. ZoomifyView »

Ladies Picking Cotton

Hunter, Clementine - Illustration - "Ladies Picking Cotton"

Self-taught artist Clementine Hunter first worked as a cotton picker on Melrose Plantation before becoming nanny and cook to the owner's children. She created Ladies Picking Cotton" ca. 1980. ZoomifyView »

Hunter, Clementine - Painting - “Baptismal”

A 1963 painting by Louisiana self-taught artist Clementine Hunter. ZoomifyView »

Hunter, Clementine - Painting - “Big Chicken”

A 1963 painting by Clementine Hunter of a big brown and black chicken pulling a cart load of cotton over green grass. ZoomifyView »


Hunter, Clementine - Painting - "Baptism"

The prominence of religious scenes in Clementine Hunter's artworks indicates the importance of church activities in her Creole community. She painted "Baptism" in 1950. ZoomifyView »

Black Angels

Hunter, Clementine - Painting - "Black Angels"

Self-taught artist Clementine Hunter created folk art from scenes around her home on the Melrose Plantation complex near the Cane River. This painting is titled "Black Angels." ZoomifyView »

Cotton Gin & Bales

Hunter, Clementine - Painting - "Cotton Gin & Bales"

African American artist Clementine Hunter worked at Melrose Plantation in Nachitoches Parish when she began making art that reflected the lives and work of the people around her. This painting is titled "Cotton Gin and Bales." ZoomifyView »

Cotton Gin

Hunter, Clementine - Painting - "Cotton Gin"

Almost all of Clementine Hunter's artworks depict African Americans going about their daily activities on a plantation. In this 1950 painting, Hunter illustrated the process of feeding the "Cotton Gin." ZoomifyView »

Flowering River

Hunter, Clementine - Painting - "Flowering River"

Clementine Hunter's penchant for capturing African-American life along the Cane River is evident this circa 1950 oil painting, "Flowering River." ZoomifyView »

No. 57 Chaleur: Sun Gives Life To Everything

Hunter, Clementine - Painting - "No. 57 Chaleur: Sun Gives Life To Everything"

Although self-taught artist Clementine Hunter's subject was drawn from common plantation scenes, occasionally she chose spiritual concepts such as this "#57 Chaleur: The Sun Gives Life to Everything." ZoomifyView »

Panorama of Baptism on Cane River

Hunter, Clementine - Painting - "Panorama of Baptism on Cane River"

Clementine Hunter began to exclusively focus on her art through financial support from the Rosenwald Fund in 1945, the same year she completed "Panorama of Baptism on Cane River," an oil painting on window shade. ZoomifyView »

The Wedding

Hunter, Clementine - Painting - "The Wedding"

Clementine Hunter's work is in the collections of the Dallas Museum of Fine Art, the American Folk Art Museum, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, the New Orleans Museum of Art, and the Louisiana State Museum. She painted "The Wedding in 1970, when she was eighty three years old. ZoomifyView »

Wagon to Market with Mustard Greens

Hunter, Clementine - Painting - "Wagon to Market with Mustard Greens"

Melrose Plantation owner Cammie Henry encouraged artists to stay at the plantation, and it was through their influence that Clementine Hunter began "marking" her own pictures. Her distinctive style garnered critical and popular acclaim. Sometime in the 1980s she made "Wagon to Market with Mustard Greens." ZoomifyView »