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KnowLA contains more than 1,100 images, which have been contributed from many organization in Louisiana and outside of the state. The images are presented here in alphabetical order.


Louis Armstrong's House on Jane Alley

Armstrong, Louis - Photograph - House on Jane Alley, 1964

Louis Armstrong was born in this house on Jane Alley. The building was demolished shortly after this photograph was taken in 1964. ZoomifyView »

Louis Armstrong's First Cornet

Armstrong, Louis - Photograph - Image of Louis Armstrong's first cornet

The Karnofsky family, Russsian-Jewish immigrants, loaned Louis Armstrong the money to buy his first cornet. The Karnofskys frequently provided young Armstrong with work and even took him in as a family member for a period. Armstrong wore a Star of David pendant for the rest of his life in gratitude. Today the Karnofsky Project, a nonprofit organization, distributes donated instruments to at-risk children. ZoomifyView »

King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band

Armstrong, Louis - Photograph - King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band, circa 1923

See King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band

Louis Armstrong's Hot Five

Armstrong, Louis - Photograph - Louis Armstrong's Hot Five

Louis Armstrong is photographed at piano, with Johnny St. Cyr , Johnny Dodds, Edward “Kid” Ory, and Lil Hardin Armstrong. ZoomifyView »

Louis Armstrong's Hot Five

Armstrong, Louis - Photograph - Louis Armstrong's Hot Five, publicity photo

Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five jazz band. Left to right: Johnny St. Cyr, Edward “Kid” Ory, Armstrong, Johnny Dodds, and Lil Harden. ZoomifyView »

Louis Armstrong & Bunk Johnson

Armstrong, Louis - Photograph - Pictured with Bunk Johnson

Bunk Johnson, an early twentieth-century New Orleans trumpet player, served as a source of musical inspiration for Louis Armstrong. Johnson lost his teeth and trumpet in 1931. He worked as a laborer until 1942, when fellow musicians and writers, including Armstrong, took up a collection to pay for dentures and a new trumpet. View »

Louis Armstrong and his famous orchestra publicity photo

Armstrong, Louis - Photograph - Publicity photo, 1945

A publicity photo of Louis Armstrong shows him playing trumpet on an unidentified movie sound stage. ZoomifyView »

Signed Picture of Louis Armstrong

Armstrong, Louis - Photograph - Signed publicity photo, 1960.

A native of New Orleans, Louis Armstrong signed this c. 1960 publicity photo, “Kindest regards, Louis Armstrong.” ZoomifyView »

Louis Armstrong and King Oliver

Armstrong, Louis - Photograph - With Joseph "King" Oliver in 1918.

Joseph “King” Oliver (seated), a New Orleans jazz cornet player and bandleader, influenced the music of Louis Armstrong (standing). ZoomifyView »

Louis and Lucille Armstrong on Christmas card photograph

Armstrong, Louis - Photograph - With Lucille Armstrong

This Christmas card photo depicts jazz great Louis Armstrong and his wife, Lucille Armstrong. ZoomifyView »

Louis Armstrong and Peter Davis

Armstrong, Louis - Photograph - With Peter Davis, 1965

Peter Davis (left) was Louis Armstrong's first trumpet instructor. ZoomifyView »


Armstrong, Louis - Sculpture - Carved plaster bust

Richmond Barthe carved this bust of Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong out of plaster ca. 1952. ZoomifyView »


Arnaud's Restaurant - Painting - Front exterior Millet, Clarence - Painting - "Arnaud's"

"Arnaud's" is a 1932 painting by Hahnville, Louisiana native Clarence Millet. Millet as a store clerk in New Orleans until friends recognized his talent and encouraged him to pursue a career as an artist. View »

Farragut's entrance into Mobile Bay, 5th August, 1864

Arnold, Edward - Painting - Farragut's entrance into Mobile Bay

Edward Arnold painted one of the Confederacy's most significant losses of the Civil War in "Farragut's fleet entering Mobile Bay, 5th August, 1864." The painting has a black band across the bottom, on which Arnold inscribed the names of the subject, location and date of the battle, along with the names of the ships and their commanders. ZoomifyView »

Art and Letters (bound volume)

Art and Letters - Book - Cover of bound volume, 1887

Though short-lived, the journal Art and Letters played a significant role in the development of the New Orleans art community. This is the cover of a bound volume of the journal. View »

Art and Letters Association journal - Ephemera - Vol 1 no 5

In 1887, the Art and Letters Association of New Orleans published Art and Letters bimonthly. This is the cover of the October issue. ZoomifyView »

Old Brulatour Mansion Courtyard, 520 Royal Street, New Orleans

Arts and Crafts Club of New Orleans - Illustration - Drawing with text of the courtyard of the Old Brulatour Mansion, 520 Royal Street, site of the Arts and Crafts Club

The Arts and Crafts Club of New Orleans moved into the Old Brulatour Mansion at 520 Royal Street in December of 1921, as depicted in this illustration. ZoomifyView »

“Brulatour Courtyard”

Arts and Crafts Club of New Orleans - Painting - “Brulatour Courtyard” by Earl Goodman, c.1933

See “Brulatour Courtyard”

Sketch Class at the Arts and Crafts Club of New Orleans

Arts and Crafts Club of New Orleans - Photograph - Black-and-white photograph of a sketch class at the Arts and Crafts Club of New Orleans

Faculty of the Newcomb College School of Art sometimes taught classes at the Arts and Crafts Club in New Orleans. ZoomifyView »

Ashland Belle Helene Plantation

Ashland Belle Helene - Photograph - Plantation Architecture

Ashland-Belle Helene was once a sugar and rice farming operation on the Mississippi River in Ascension Parish. Although restored and maintained, the house is not open to the public. View »