Project Overview

Welcome to KnowLA, the encyclopedia of Louisiana history and culture. We are very happy you've decided to participate in our project as an editor and/or writer. We hope the information in this packet will answer any questions you have about the project. If not, please feel free to contact any of the KnowLA Staff:

Our mailing address is:

Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities
938 Lafayette St., Suite 300
New Orleans, LA 70113.

Editorial Process

Determining who and what to include in KnowLA is obviously a difficult task. To facilitate the decision-making process, a Section Editor is assigned to each of the broad subject areas (i.e., literature, art, music, etc.).  Working with LEH staff and advisors, the Section Editors develop a list of potential entries, indicating topics of particular importance in Louisiana history and/or culture. He or she also suggests an appropriate length for each entry: short (up to 500 words), medium (up to 1,000 words), or long (up to 1,500 words). When possible, Section Editors also recommend potential writers.

KnowLA staff then contract with writers to develop entries and identify relevant multi-media resources. The section editor will review drafts of each entry for content, and KnowLA editors will edit for stylistic consistency. After the entry is fact checked and copy edited, it will be returned to the original author for review.

KnowLA editors reserve the right to make any final changes necessary. We also reserve the right to reject any entry that does not meet our standards for comprehensiveness, readability, and/or originality.


As you complete your work as section editor and/or writer, it might help to think of your audience as consisting primarily of adult lifelong learners. These individuals are generally well educated and have a sense of engagement with learning. As such, he or she probably has some knowledge of U.S. and Louisiana history, but may have forgotten many of the details. Typically time conscious and goal oriented, adult lifelong learners will probably visit KnowLA looking for an accurate but concise answer to a specific question.

In the future, KnowLA staff will work with teachers to make the encyclopedia more accessible to younger audiences. For now, however, focus on creating content for educated, interested adults without a specialized knowledge of your field.

Other State Encyclopedias

Feel free to share your thoughts on these encyclopedias with us; we welcome any feedback that will help us improve KnowLA and/or your experience working with us.