Northeastern Louisiana

Antebellum Louisiana

The Antebellum period in Louisiana begins with statehood in 1812 and ends with Louisiana joining the Confederacy in 1860. Read »

Bastrop, Felipe Enrique Neri, Baron de

Felipe Enrique Neri, although deceptive about his own lineage, nevertheless played an important role in the settlement of the Ouachita Valley in northeast Louisiana. Read »

Biedenharn, Emy-Lou

Emy-Lou Biedenharn was a noted opera singer and philanthropist from Monroe. Read »

Biedenharn, Joseph

Monroe's Joseph Biedenharn was an internationally successful entrepreneur who revolutionized the soft drink industry and founded Delta Air Lines. Read »

Bloom's Arcade

Bloom’s Arcade, one of Louisiana’s first shopping centers, was built in Tallulah in 1930 and served as a centerpiece of the Madison Parish town’s business district for half a century. Read »

Blues Music

Of the 119 musicians inducted into the national Blues Hall of Fame, roughly twenty percent are from Louisiana. Read »

Civil War Louisiana

The Civil War in Louisiana left the state politically divided and financially ruined. Read »

Classical Music in Louisiana

Louisiana has boasted a rich classical music traditional since early European exploration and settlement. Read »

Code Noir of Louisiana

The 1724 Code Noir of Louisiana was a means to control the behaviors of Africans, Native Americans, and free people of color. Read »

Confederate Louisiana

As a member of the Confederate States of America, Louisiana provided soldiers who fought outside the state. Read »

Confederate Soldiers

More than 50,000 white men from Louisiana shouldered arms for the Confederacy. Read »

Curtis and Davis Architects

The architectural firm Curtis and Davis designed the Superdome, Rivergate, and other notable buildings in New Orleans and throughout the state. Read »

Desmond, John Jacob

Twentieth-century Louisiana architect John Jacob Desmond pioneered a style of regional modernism. Read »

Dickey, Bill

Baseball great William Malcolm “Bill” Dickey, a native of Bastrop, was a Hall of Fame catcher for the New York Yankees. Read »

Dogtrot Houses

Dogtrot houses, like those found in North Louisiana, are composed of two enclosed buildings separated by a passage that is open at the front and back—the so-called dogtrot. Read »


Louisiana drama, like all Louisiana literature, is a rich and diverse subject. Read »

Dunbar-Hunter Expedition

The Dunbar-Hunter Expedition was commissioned by Thomas Jefferson to explore and document the lower regions of the Louisiana Territory. Read »

Early Exploration

Before the first colonial settlement in 1682, Spanish and French explorers visited the territory that would become Louisiana. Read »

Farm Security Administration Photography

The Farm Security Photography project was a Depression-era program that resulted in images which provided a unique glimpse into the lives of working-class Louisianans as they struggled to survive. Read »

Federal Art Project

The Federal Art Project was a Depression-era effort to bring art and artists into the everyday lives of Americans while simultaneously extending work relief to artists. Read »