Northeastern Louisiana

General Nathaniel P. Banks

Banks, General Nathaniel P. - Photograph - General Nathaniel P. Banks

This stereograph showing General Nathaniel Prentiss Banks was taken as part of the series: The War for the Union, a Photographic War History between 1861–1865. In this image Banks sits for a head and shoulders portrait, facing left. ZoomifyView »

Bloom's Arcade Interior

Bloom's Arcade - Photograph - "Interior View"

Bloom's Arcade in Tallulah was designed by Mississippi architect N. W. Overstreet for Abe and Mertie Bloom in 1930. Jennifer Baughn made this photograph of the arcade in decline. ZoomifyView »

Bloom's Arcade

Bloom's Arcade - Photograph - Facade

Bloom's Arcade in Tallulah is Louisiana's only surviving example of the shopping arcade, the precursor of the shopping mall. Shops that were once part of the arcade include two soda fountains, a barbershop, a jewelry store, and a post office. ZoomifyView »

Caddoan Mississippian Culture

Caddo Nation - Illustration - Caddoan Mississippian Culture

A map showing the geographical extent of the Caddoan Mississippian culture of prehistoric southeastern North America as well as some important sites. ZoomifyView »

Portrait of Pow's

Camp Ruston - Photograph - Portrait of Pow's

Prisoners of war on work detail. The men are holding a saw and an axe used to fell timber on local timber farms. ZoomifyView »

USS Task Force Guadalcanal

Camp Ruston - Photograph - U.S.S. Task Force Guadalcanal

Captured German U-505 submarine notice American flag as the U-505 is escorted to Bermuda on June 19, 1944. Prisoners of War were taken to Camp Ruston. View »

Camp Ruston Watchtower

Camp Ruston - Photograph - Watchtower

Ariel view of Camp Ruston. The photograph shows the watchtower, fence, and buildings. ZoomifyView »

Yugoslavian Prisoners of War

Camp Ruston - Photograph - Yugoslavian Prisoners of War

Yugoslavian POWs in front of barracks at Camp Ruston. Interviews with these POWs over 50 years later indicated that they had been forced to serve in the German Army when Yugoslavia was invaded. ZoomifyView »

Coles Creek Culture Map

Coles Creek - Illustration - Coles Creek Culture Map

A map showing the extent of the Coles Creek cultural period and some of the important historic sites. ZoomifyView »

Bill Dickey Baseball Card

Dickey, Bill - Ephemera - Dicky Baseball Card

This is a 1933 Goudey Gum Company baseball card of New York Yankee #19, Bill Dickey, who was originally from Bastrop, Louisiana. View »

East Carroll Parish Courthouse in Lake Providence Louisiana.

East Carroll Parish Courthouse - Photograph - Courthouse in Lake Providence.

The East Carroll Parish courthouse in Lake Providence, Louisiana, was constructed with funds from the Public Works Administration (PWA). ZoomifyView »

607 Wood Street

Estes, Lee - Photograph - "607 Wood Street"

Lee Estes made this photograph of 607 Wood Street in Monroe, Louisiana, in 1960. ZoomifyView »

Saddle Mowing Machine

Estes, Lee - Photograph - "Saddle Mowing Machine"

Self-taught photographer Lee Estes made this photograph titled "Saddle Mowing Machine, Oak Ridge, LA 1975." ZoomifyView »

Southern Ouachita Parish

Estes, Lee - Photograph - "Southern Ouachita Parish"

Kentucky-born photographer Lee Estes is known for his precisely-rendered black and white prints of vernacular architecture. This print is titled "Southern Ouachita Parish." ZoomifyView »

Homestead, Northern Caldwell Parish

Estes, Lee - Photographer - "Homestead, Northern Caldwell Parish"

Documentary photographer Lee Estes created an extensive body of black and white work while traveling through northeastern Louisiana. ZoomifyView »

House on LA 557

Estes, Lee - Photographer - "House on LA 557"

Photographer Lee Estes considers the photography of the 1930s through the 1960s, with its emphasis on black and white prints, as the medium's "golden age." This photograph is titled "House on LA 557." ZoomifyView »

Filhiol Historical Marker

Filhiol, Don Juan - Photograph - Filhiol Historical Marker

Marker in front of the Ouachita Parish Courthouse commemorating its location since 1816. View »

Louisiana as Formerly Claimed by France

French Colonial Map - 18th c. illustration - Ketchin, T.

This map, dated 1765, shows the Louisiana Territory as claimed by France. The map is held in The Historic New Orleans Collection archives. ZoomifyView »

Louisiana State Flag

Governors of Louisiana - Illustration - Louisiana State Flag

In 2010, Louisiana updated its flag to include three drops of blood on the pelican's chest representing the state's willingness to sacrifice itself for its citizens. ZoomifyView »

Haller Nutt Portrait

Haller, Nutt - Photograph - Haller Nutt Portrait

Haller Nutt was a successful cotton planter and plantation owner in Mississippi. Haller owned several plantations throughout his life, including Araby, Evergreen and Winter Quarters in Louisiana and Cloverdale and Laurel Hill in Mississippi. View »