Southwestern Louisiana

Alice Plantation

In 1961, the upper floor of this house was floated by barge along Bayou Teche from its original location in St. Mary Parish, which was being developed as a subdivision. Read »

All Saints Day

All Saints Day or All Hallows Day is a Catholic tradition honoring the saints and also deceased family members each November 1. Read »

Antebellum Louisiana

The Antebellum period in Louisiana begins with statehood in 1812 and ends with Louisiana joining the Confederacy in 1860. Read »

Ardoin, Bois Sec

Alfonse "Bois Sec" Ardoin was an accomplished Zydeco accordion musician. Read »

Balfa, Dewey

Dewey Balfa was a Cajun musician and cultural activist who emerged in the 1970s as an effective spokesman for the grassroots Cajun identity movement. Read »

Ball, Marcia

Marcia Ball, a blues and swamp-rock pianist and singer, grew-up in the small town of Vinton. Read »

BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet

Formed during the Cajun revival of the 1970s, BeauSoleil and its founder, fiddler Michael Doucet, are among Louisiana's most prominent ambassadors of Cajun music and culture. Read »

Benglis, Lynda

Born in Lake Charles, Lynda Benglis is an internationally renowned sculptor who is famous for her innovations in both materials and artistic process. Read »

Blanchard, Jim

Jim Blanchard has created a body of art that records the architectural masterpieces of Louisiana's previous centuries through pieces he calls “architectural archival watercolors.” Read »

Blanco, Kathleen

Kathleen Blanco, Louisiana's first woman governor, served during Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Blanco faced extreme criticism of her handling of the disaster. Read »

Blues Music

Of the 119 musicians inducted into the national Blues Hall of Fame, roughly twenty percent are from Louisiana. Read »

Bonin, Melissa

Lafayette painter Melissa Bonin paints landscapes, she says, “that permit me to sit on the edge of abstraction and reality.” The painter's interest in abstraction began with her studies at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Read »

Borel, Calvin

Louisiana's Calvin Borel is the only jockey to win the Kentucky Derby three times in a four-year span. Read »

Bourque, Darrell

Dr. Darrell Bourque was appointed poet laureate of Louisiana by Governor Kathleen Blanco in 2007. Read »

Bowie, Jim

Although Jim Bowie is known for his role in the Battle of the Alamo, he was raised in Louisiana, where he engaged in land schemes and slave smuggling. Read »

Browne, Turner

Turner Browne, a still photographer and cinematographer, is best known for “Louisiana Cajuns/Cajuns de la Louisiane” published in 1977. Read »

Buckwheat Zydeco

Accordionist Stanley Dural, Jr., is zydeco’s most commercially successful performer and an unofficial ambassador of the musical genre and Creole culture. Better known as “Buckwheat Zydeco,” Dural helped introduce traditional Creole music to the mainstream. Read »

Butler, David

Well known in for his audaciously decorated home and lawn, David Butler fashioned whimsical, brightly painted assemblages from salvaged roofing tin to become one of the twentieth century's most widely collected self-taught artists. Read »

Cajun Music

Cajun music is a genre that arose in southwestern Louisiana from the Francophone folk music traditions of the Acadians. Read »


Cajuns are the descendants of Acadian exiles from the Maritime provinces of Canada—Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island—who migrated to southern Louisiana. Read »