Greater New Orleans

Mac Rebennack AKA Dr. John

Dr. John - Photograph - Michael P. Smith

Mac "Dr. John" Rebennack performed at the 1983 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. In the 1980s, Rebennack treated audiences to his boogie woogie piano style. ZoomifyView »

828 Toulouse Street

828 Toulouse Street - Photograph - Black-and-white exterior view of the building designed by J.N.B. de Pouilly.

Shown in a state of disrepair, the building at 828 Toulouse Street was designed by antebellum New Orleans architect J.N.B. de Pouilly. The photograph was taken by Frances Benjamin Johnston. ZoomifyView »

A Plan of New Orleans

A Plan of Orleans - Map - Map of New Orleans c.1803 by Boqueta de Woiseri

Boqueta de Woiseri's “Plan” and his contemporaneous “View of New Orleans from the Plantation of Marigny” give as clear a picture of the last days of Spanish Louisiana as can be found. ZoomifyView »

Ben Abadie

Abadie, Ben - Photograph - Bernard Abadie

Bernard "Ben" Abadie starred on Tulane's Green Wave baseball team during the late 1940s. He went on to serve as the program's head coach for several seasons. View »

Market Baskets

Acolopissa Peoples - Split Oak - "Market Baskets"

These split oak "Market Baskets" ca. 1900, are attributed to the Acolopissa Peoples from Terrebonne and Lafourche parishes in southeaster Louisiana. ZoomifyView »

An Advertisement for Mignon Faget

Adams, Franklin - Illustration - An Advertisement for Mignon Faget

Franklin Adams created the logo for famed New Orleans-based jeweler Mignon Faget, along with advertisements for her business, as shown here. ZoomifyView »

Costume design for a ballet

Adams, Franklin - Illustration - Costume design for a ballet

This 1978 illustration by Franklin Adams depicts his costume designs for a New Orleans ballet. ZoomifyView »


Adams, Wayman - Painting - "Restin"

This oil-on-board painting entitled "Restin" shows Wayman Adams' keen interest in capturing New Orleans' African-American community in addition to his better-known portraiture. ZoomifyView »

Portrait of Ellsworth Woodward

Adams, Wayman - Painting - Portrait of Ellsworth Woodward

In addition to portraits of presidents Hoover, Coolidge, and Harding, Wayman Adams painted prominent New Orleans artists, including here Ellsworth Woodward, a pillar of the city's art scene. ZoomifyView »

Tomb by River

Addison, Leslie - Mixed Media - “Tomb by River”

This mixed media work by Leslie Addison, created in 1999, is entitled “Tomb by River” and measures 48 by 60 inches. Addison cites influences of abstraction and surrealism, and often employs iconic images of time and place. ZoomifyView »

Ancient Oak

Addison, Leslie - Photograph - “Ancient Oak”

This reproduction of a 24 by 24 inch black and white photograph entitled “Ancient Oak,” by Leslie Addison, is an example of the photographer's deep reverence for the land and images of her native Louisiana. ZoomifyView »

Blues Joint, Dapp's Place

Addison, Leslie - Photograph - “Blues Joint, Dapp's Place”

This reproduction is of a black and white photograph entitled “Blues Joint, Dapp's Place” by Leslie Addison in 2010. Measuring 32 by 32 inches, the image is an example of the layered, torn and pasted techniques Addison employs to suggest fragmented memory. ZoomifyView »

In Remembrance

Addison, Leslie - Photograph - “In Remembrance”

In this photocollage entitled “In Remembrance,” by Leslie Addison, the artist uses cemeteries of her native Louisiana, where generations of family are interred. By tearing and rearranging elements of her original photograph, Addison references the abstract expressionist style. ZoomifyView »

Mother Emmhezel, New Orleans

Addison, Leslie - Photograph - “Mother Emmhezel, New Orleans”

"Mother Emmhezel, New Orleans" is the title of the original 32 by 32 inch black and white photograph by Leslie Addison. Addison repeats the careworn image of the makeshift grave marker by scratching and marking the photograph's surface. ZoomifyView »

Searching, Time: Location Unknown

Addison, Leslie - Photograph - “Searching, Time: Location Unknown”

This color reproduction of a mixed media piece by Leslie Addison entitled “Searching, Time: Location Unknown” shows the artists' use of a manipulated surface to suggest layers of memory and history. Created in 2008, the original measures 22 by 22 inches. ZoomifyView »

Robby Albarado

Albarado, Robby - Photographer - Robby Albarado

In December of 2008, Robby Albarado picked up his 3,000 career win riding Isle of Silver at the New Orleans Fair Grounds Race Course and in 2005, he was inducted into the Fair Grounds Racing Hall of Fame. View »

Fresco Detail of Union Passenger Terminal Station: Age of Colonization

Albrizio, Conrad - Mural painting- Age of Colonization

A detail from Conrad Albrizio's 1954 mural at Union Passenger Terminal Station, New Orleans. Fresco; 71 x 8 ft. View »


Alferez, Enrique - Illustration - "Villa"

Though Enrique Alférez lived in New Orleans from the time of his first commission in the city in 1930 until his death at age 98 in 1999, he was born in northern Mexico and famously traveled with his native country's revolutionary icon, Poncho Villa, depicted in the sculpture shown here, entitled "Villa." Alférez enlisted to serve in Villa's revolutionary forces at the age of 12. View »

Lute Player

Alferez, Enrique - Sculpture - "Lute Player"

Enrique Alferez's sculpture is found in many public-art installations across New Orleans as well as in private collections and museums. "The Flute Player," a 1986 bronze, is in the collection of his daughter, Dr. Tlaloc Alferez. View »


Alferez, Enrique - Sculpture - "Spectre"

Enrique Alférez, a prolific sculptor who lived to be 99 years old, combined in his graceful works elements of an organic Realism from his native Mexico as well as Art Deco qualities. His 1985 bronze "Spectre" is shown here. View »