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Privat Livemont Absinthe Robette

Absinthe - Advertisement - "Privat Livemont Absinthe Robette"

This art nouveau-style depiction of the popularity of absinthe in 1895 is considered to be artist Privat Livmont's finest artwork. ZoomifyView »

Afton Villa Entrance Gallery

Afton Villa Plantation - Photograph - Plantation Architecture

This photograph shows the entrance gallery of Afton Villa Plantation in West Feliciana Parish. ZoomifyView »

Afton Villa Plantation

Afton Villa Plantation - Photograph - Plantation Architecture

Afton Villa Plantation near St. Francisville was built for David Barrow in 1849 and destroyed by fire in 1963. This photograph shows a side view of the Gothic Revival house. ZoomifyView »

Afton Villa Main House

Afton Villa Plantation - Photograph - Plantation Architecture

The whimsical Gothic Revival-style Afton Villa in St. Francisville, Louisiana. Built from 1848–56, the masonry structure burned in 1963. ZoomifyView »

Afton Villa Plantation

Afton Villa Plantation - Photograph - Plantation Architecturea

This is one of the few remaining photographs showing Afton Villa Plantation, ca. 1940s. ZoomifyView »

All Saint's Day, New Roads, Louisiana

All Saint's Day - Photograph - by Lee Russell

Photographer Lee Russell photographed a family in New Roads, Louisiana, praying in a cemetery on All Saints Day. Russell worked for the Farm Security Administration in the 1940s. View »

Allegheny County Court House

Allegheny County Court House - Illustration - 1888 rendering by Henry Hobson Richardson

Louisiana native Henry Hobson Richardson designed the Allegheny County Court House in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. ZoomifyView »

Henry G. Alsberg

Alsberg, Henry G. - Photograph - Director of the Federal Writer's Project in 1955

Henry G. Alsberg, director of the Federal Writers' Project, in 1938. ZoomifyView »

Portrait of Sherwood Anderson

Anderson, Sherwood - Photograph - Portrait by Carl Van Vechten.

Writer Sherwood Anderson lived and worked in the French Quarter of New Orleans during the 1920s. View »

Angola Landing, State Penitentiary farm

Angola Landing, State Penitentiary farm - Photograph - Aerial view

This docked ship sits on the Mississippi River with prison laborers working in the foreground at Angola Landing, Louisiana State Penitentiary, ca. 1900-1910. ZoomifyView »

John James Audubon

Audubon, John James - Photograph - Head and shoulders portait

A photograph of naturalist John James Audubon. In 1821, Audubon came to New Orleans, hoping to finance his work on “The Birds of America” with portrait commissions. ZoomifyView »

Autrey House

Autrey House - Illustration - From the Historic American Building Survey

The Autrey House near Dubach is believed to be the oldest building in Lincoln Parish. In 1849 Absalom Autrey and his sons hewed pine logs and set the house on raised piers. It is one of the few remaining examples of a dogtrot house, the early vernacular building style in the hill country of north Louisiana. ZoomifyView »

Autrey House

Autrey House - Illustration - From the Historic American Building Survey

This measured drawing shows a section of Absalom Autrey's dogtrot house, built in 1849. The house is an example of the log dogtrot, with rooms raised on stone piers. ZoomifyView »

General Nathaniel P. Banks

Banks, General Nathaniel P. - Photograph - General Nathaniel P. Banks

This stereograph showing General Nathaniel Prentiss Banks was taken as part of the series: The War for the Union, a Photographic War History between 1861–1865. In this image Banks sits for a head and shoulders portrait, facing left. ZoomifyView »

Major General Nathaniel Prentiss Banks

Banks, Nathaniel Prentiss - Photograph - Full-length portrait in military uniform c.1861

Major General Nathaniel Banks replaced the unpopular Gen. Benjamin "Beast" Butler as commander of the Union's troops in New Orleans. He also led the Red River campaign in 1864. The image was taken in the studio of famed Civil War photographer Matthew B. Brady. ZoomifyView »

“The Battle of Baton Rouge, La. Aug. 4th 1862”

Battle of Baton Rouge - Illustration - “The Battle of Baton Rouge, La. Aug. 4th 1862”

The Battle of Baton Rouge was a ground and naval battle in the Civil War fought in East Baton Rouge Parish. The Union victory halted Confederate attempts to recapture Baton Rouge, Louisiana's capitol city. ZoomifyView »

Battle of New Orleans - Lithograph - by Kurz & Allison circa 1890

A lithograph of the Battle of New Orleans by Kurz & Allison, c.1890. The Battle of New Orleans was the final major battle of the War of 1812. View »

Beauregard-Keyes House

Beauregard-Keyes House - Photograph - Exterior view by Richard Koch c.1934

Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard, and later writer Frances Parkinson Keyes, lived in Beauregard-Keyes House. Located at 1113 Chartres Street in New Orleans, the house was constructed in 1820s. The photograph was taken by preservationist Richard Koch. ZoomifyView »

Martin Behrman

Behrman, Martin - Photograph - Head and shoulders portrait

A photograph of Martin Berman, the Democratic politician who served as mayor of New Orleans from 1904-1920. View »


Blues - Photograph - Wilson "Stavin' Chain" Jones

Wilson "Stavin' Chain" Jones sings the ballad "Batson," in Lafayette in 1934. The blues musician from Louisianna was active throughout the first few decades of the twentieth century and was immortalized in such songs as "The Stavin' Chain Blues" and "Winin' Boy Blues." ZoomifyView »