Louisiana State Museum

New Orleans' most prominent heritage attraction is the Louisiana State Museum, a complex of national landmarks housing thousands of artifacts and works of art reflecting Louisiana's legacy of historic events and cultural diversity.

828 Toulouse Street

828 Toulouse Street - Photograph - Black-and-white exterior view of the building designed by J.N.B. de Pouilly.

Shown in a state of disrepair, the building at 828 Toulouse Street was designed by antebellum New Orleans architect J.N.B. de Pouilly. The photograph was taken by Frances Benjamin Johnston. ZoomifyView »

Acadian Home

Acadian Home - Photograph - By George François Mugnier

A view of the façade of an Acadian House, with two women and one small child standing on the porch, looking at the camera. What appears to be a decrepit outhouse is in the foreground, and on the porch sit several barrels. View »

Unidentified Accordion Player

Accordion Player - Daguerreotype - Portrait, 1850

This image of an unidentified Louisiana musician playing the accordion was taken in 1850. It indicates that the instrument was being played in Louisiana as early as 21 years after its invention in 1829. ZoomifyView »

Dolly Adams

Adams, Dolly - Photograph - Seated portrait

It has been said of Dolly Adams that she was one of the finest exponents of pure New Orleans, Louisiana-style jazz piano. View »

Dr. William Stubbs

Alaux, Alexander - Painting - Dr. William Stubbs

In this 1910 portrait by of Dr. William Stubbs, the subject's Confederate emblem lapel is starkly visible. View »


Alaux, Alexander - Painting - Evangeline

Alexander Alaux's oil painting entitled "Evangeline" shows the legendary lovers, from the poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, before they are tragically separated. ZoomifyView »

Marchioness de Yauyo nee McClair

Alaux, Alexander - Painting - Marchioness de Yauyo nee McClair

This reproduction shows a miniature portrait by Alexander Alaux, entitled "Marchioness de Yauy nee McClair," painted in 1900. View »

Portrait of Alcide

Alcide "Slow Drag" Pavageau

Alcide Pavageau, an accomplished bass player and a regular at Preservation Hall in New Orleans, also excelled at dance competitions. He acquired the nickname "Slow Drag" after the ragtime-era dance of the same name. View »

Johnnie Allan

Allan, Johnnie - Photograph - Portrait, publicity photo

Louisiana recording artist Johnnie Allan is known for the swamp pop hit "Lonely Days, Lonely Nights." ZoomifyView »

Amans, Jacques Guillaume Lucien - Painting - "Cornelia Knott Miltenberger"

Portrait of Cornelia Knott Miltenberger, seated, wearing a black off-the-shoulder dress with elbow-length sleeves, by Jacques Amans, 1840. ZoomifyView »

Amans, Jacques Guillaume Lucien - Painting - "Mrs. Felix Formento Sr. with son".

Portrait of Mrs. Felix Formento, Sr., with her young son Felix Formento, Jr. (later Dr. Felix Formento, Jr.), by Jacques Amans. ZoomifyView »

“Andrea Mallard (Mrs. Prudent)”

Amans, Jacques Guilliaume Lucien - Painting - “Andrea Mallard (Mrs. Prudent)”

Portrait of Andrea Mallard, wife of Prudent Mallard, painted in 1853 by noted portrait painter Jacques Amans. ZoomifyView »

Amans, Jacques Guilliaume Lucien - Painting - "Hilery Breton Cenas"

Portrait of Hilery Breton Cenas wearing a black suit. Created by Jacques Amans. ZoomifyView »

Angelina Plantation

Angelina Plantation - Photograph - Robert Tebbs

A fireplace with cooking kettle at Angelina Plantation. ZoomifyView »

Louis Armstrong as King of Zulu on Mardi Gras, 1949

Armstrong, Louis - Photograph - As King of Zulu, 1949

In 1949, Louis Armstrong served as King of Zulu, one of the many krewes that parade during the New Orleans Mardi Gras. Zulu members, who are primarily African American, traditionally wear black face to make fun of racial stereotypes. ZoomifyView »

Louis Armstrong's House on Jane Alley

Armstrong, Louis - Photograph - House on Jane Alley, 1964

Louis Armstrong was born in this house on Jane Alley. The building was demolished shortly after this photograph was taken in 1964. ZoomifyView »

Louis Armstrong's First Cornet

Armstrong, Louis - Photograph - Image of Louis Armstrong's first cornet

The Karnofsky family, Russsian-Jewish immigrants, loaned Louis Armstrong the money to buy his first cornet. The Karnofskys frequently provided young Armstrong with work and even took him in as a family member for a period. Armstrong wore a Star of David pendant for the rest of his life in gratitude. Today the Karnofsky Project, a nonprofit organization, distributes donated instruments to at-risk children. ZoomifyView »

Louis Armstrong's Hot Five

Armstrong, Louis - Photograph - Louis Armstrong's Hot Five, publicity photo

Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five jazz band. Left to right: Johnny St. Cyr, Edward “Kid” Ory, Armstrong, Johnny Dodds, and Lil Harden. ZoomifyView »

Louis Armstrong & Bunk Johnson

Armstrong, Louis - Photograph - Pictured with Bunk Johnson

Bunk Johnson, an early twentieth-century New Orleans trumpet player, served as a source of musical inspiration for Louis Armstrong. Johnson lost his teeth and trumpet in 1931. He worked as a laborer until 1942, when fellow musicians and writers, including Armstrong, took up a collection to pay for dentures and a new trumpet. View »

Louis Armstrong and his famous orchestra publicity photo

Armstrong, Louis - Photograph - Publicity photo, 1945

A publicity photo of Louis Armstrong shows him playing trumpet on an unidentified movie sound stage. ZoomifyView »