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Camp Ruston Kitchen Staff

Camp Ruston - Photograph - Camp Ruston Kitchen Staff

Kitchen at Prisoner of War Camp, Ruston, Louisiana. Arrow points to Walter E. Hintz, PFC a cook. The men dressed in dark uniforms are the prisoners of war (POWs). The men dressed in white uniforms are American personnel. ZoomifyView »

Portrait of Pow's

Camp Ruston - Photograph - Portrait of Pow's

Prisoners of war on work detail. The men are holding a saw and an axe used to fell timber on local timber farms. ZoomifyView »

USS Task Force Guadalcanal

Camp Ruston - Photograph - U.S.S. Task Force Guadalcanal

Captured German U-505 submarine notice American flag as the U-505 is escorted to Bermuda on June 19, 1944. Prisoners of War were taken to Camp Ruston. View »

Camp Ruston Watchtower

Camp Ruston - Photograph - Watchtower

Ariel view of Camp Ruston. The photograph shows the watchtower, fence, and buildings. ZoomifyView »

Yugoslavian Prisoners of War

Camp Ruston - Photograph - Yugoslavian Prisoners of War

Yugoslavian POWs in front of barracks at Camp Ruston. Interviews with these POWs over 50 years later indicated that they had been forced to serve in the German Army when Yugoslavia was invaded. ZoomifyView »

Louise Brazzel Johnson

Johnson, Louise Brazzel - Photograph - Portrait

Louise Brazzel Johnson was an insurance agent from Bernice who won a surprise victory over the Speaker of the Louisiana House of Representatives in the 1971 Democratic primary. View »

Louise Brazzel Johnson

Johnson, Louise Brazzel - Photograph - Speaking at a podium

Louise Brazzel Johnson was elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives in 1971 and is best known for her vocal opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment. View »