Jonathan Ferrara Gallery

Longwaisted Strapless Bra

Adams, Franklin - Illustration - Longwaisted Strapless Bra

Franklin Adams used charcoal pencil and conte crayon to create "Longwaisted Strapless Bra." View »

Nurse´s Uniform II

Adams, Franklin - Illustration - Nurse's Uniform II

Adams' charcoal work "Nurse´s Uniform II" was created post-Katrina 2006 as part of his acclaimed "Layers of Intimacy" series. ZoomifyView »

Stockings with Clothespins

Adams, Franklin - Stockings with Clothespins - Illustration

An illustration with charcoal pencil and white conte crayon by Franklin Adams entitled "Stockings with Clothespins", ca. 1994. View »

Pinafore Sundress (child´s)

Adams, Franklin - Watercolor - Pinafore Sundress (child´s)

Adams' 1999 watercolor, "Pinafore Sundress (child's)" was part of the late Tulane University art and architecture professor's "Layers of Intimacy" series. View »

The Last Words of Rosa Luxemburg

Fein, Skyler - Mixed Media - "The Last Words of Rosa Luxemburg"

In the mixed-media "The Last Words of Rosa Luxemburg," Skylar Fein uses wood, Lexan, gold leaf, latex, and a light kit to illuminate the actual last words of Luxemburg, a Polish Marxist who was killed in Germany in 1919 for her participation in the Communist Party. ZoomifyView »