Dr. Kurt Gitter and Alice Rae Yelen


Butler, David - Sculpture - "Whirligig"

David Butler's 1975 assemblage, "Whirligig," an example of the artists' whimsical style, is made with paint on tin and wood, and measures 29 x 39 inches. ZoomifyView »

Quilt, Melrose Plantation

Hunter, Clementine - Quilt - "Melrose Plantation"

In addition to more than 5,000 paintings, Clementine Hunter crafted roughly two-dozen narrative textiles and quilts, such as "Melrose Plantation" (ca. 1960) seen here, in her career. ZoomifyView »

Riverboat Gambler

Mitchell, Reginald - painting - "Riverboat Gambler"

Reginald Mitchell's dyslexia contributes to a skewed perspective in the vibrant and expressive paintings this self-taught artist creates. He made this acrylic painting, "Riverboat Gambler," in 1993. ZoomifyView »

Second Line

Singleton, Herbert - mixed media - "Second Line"

African-American cultural traditions became a recurring theme in self-taught Herbert Singleton's painted-board pieces. This one, "Second Line" was made in 1994. ZoomifyView »

KKK-The Lynch

Singleton, Herbert - painting - "KKK-The Lynch"

Self-taught artist Herbert Singleton embraced social justice themes in addition to scenes from his New Orleans neighborhood. He painted "KKK-The Lynch" in 1990. ZoomifyView »