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Fresco Detail of Union Passenger Terminal Station: Age of Colonization

Albrizio, Conrad - Mural painting- Age of Colonization

A detail from Conrad Albrizio's 1954 mural at Union Passenger Terminal Station, New Orleans. Fresco; 71 x 8 ft. View »

Amédé Ardoin

Ardoin, Amédé - Photograph - Standing portrait

An undated photograph of Amédé Ardoin. ZoomifyView »

Baton Rouge Bus Stop

Baton Rouge Bus Boycott - Photograph - Baton Rouge Bus Stop

In 1953, African Americans made up 70 percent of the Baton Rouge Bus Company's business, but like everywhere else in the Jim Crow South, black riders were restricted to the "colored" section of buses and were often forced to stand over vacant seats. View »

Boycott Drop Off

Baton Rouge Bus Boycott - Photograph - Boycott Drop Off

The Baton Rouge bus boycott forced the white-owned bus company to compromise with black passengers; however, the civil rights protest fell short of complete desegregation. View »

Boycott Pick-Up Point

Baton Rouge Bus Boycott - Photograph - Boycott Pick Up Point

The improvised carpool that provided free rides during the Baton Rouge bus boycott of 1953 was so successful that after four days, the white manager of the city bus system said the company would be bankrupted if African American passengers did not return soon. View »

Community Organized Free Ride

Baton Rouge Bus Boycott - Photograph - Community Organized Free Ride

During the 1953 bus boycott in Baton Rouge, the African American community organized free carpools, enabling protestors to go about their daily business while simultaneously showing they would no longer accept second-class citizenship. View »

The Free Ride System

Baton Rouge Bus Boycott - Photograph - The Free Ride System

Black commuters assembled at pickup points for free rides during the five-day Baton Rouge bus boycott of 1953. Horatio Thompson, the first African American in the South to own an Esso gasoline station franchise, sold gas at cost to carpool drivers. View »

Darrell Bourque

Bourque, Darrell - Photograph - Poet Laureate

Since his 2007 to 2011 appointment as Louisiana's poet laureate, Darrell Bourque has shared his poetry with numerous audiences both in and out of the classroom. View »

Burnt Water Suite

Bourque, Darrelle - Photography - Burnt Water Suite

Published in 1999, "Burnt Water Suite" was Darrell Bourque's third volume of poetry. Bourque served as Louisiana's poet laureate from 2007 to 2011. View »

Chinese Workers

Chinatown - Illustration - Chinese Workers

Deprived Louisiana planters of newly emancipated laborers turned to other foreign labor forces such as the Chinese to replace the field workers they had lost during the Civil War. ZoomifyView »

Tim Gautreaux

Gautreaux, Tim - Photograph - Magazine Cover

Front cover of the Winter 2003-2004 issue of Louisiana Cultural Vistas, featuring Tim Gautreaux. View »

Geodesic Dome

Geodesic Dome - Photograph - Dome, Geodesic

A large geodesic dome constructed in 1958 in Baton Rouge. The dome, which formerly housed a train maintenance and repair operation, was demolished in November 2007. ZoomifyView »

Rev. T. J. Jemison with MLK

Jemison, Revered T. J. - Photograph - Baton Rouge Bus Boycott King, Martin Luther - Photograph - Baton Rouge Bus Boycott

Rev. T.J. Jemison (left) shakes hands with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Jemison's leadership during the 1953 Baton Rouge bus boycott served as a model for King's spearheading of the more publicized Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott of 1955. View »


Ledbetter, Huddie "Lead Belly" - Colorized Photograph, 1948

Blues musician Huddie “Lead Belly” Ledbetter was born ca. 1885 in Caddo Parish, near the Texas-Louisiana border. ZoomifyView »

Port Pontchartrain Light Station

Lighthouses - Photograph - Port Pontchartrain Light Station

The Port Pontchartrain Light Station guided ships on the lake's south shore in what was once the Milneburg resort development. View »

Turners' Hall

Turners' Hall - Photograph - Louisiana Humanities Center

In December of 2000, the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities purchased Turners' Hall. ZoomifyView »

Turners' Hall Mural

Turners' Hall - Photograph - Louisiana Humanities Center

The most distinctive exterior feauter of Turners' Hall is a troumpe l'oeil mural at the front end featuring stylized window panes and columns. ZoomifyView »

Interior Office Space, Turners' Hall

Turners' Hall - Photograph - Louisiana Humanities Center

View of the finished three-story loft offices which are semi open to the office spaces below. ZoomifyView »

Interior renovations, Turners' Hall

Turners' Hall - Photograph - Louisiana Humanities Center

A two-story upper ballroom was transformed into three stories of loft office space within a naturally lit atrium during a 1982 renovation by Errol Barron/ Michael Toups Architects. ZoomifyView »

Turners' Hall in decline

Turners' Hall - Photograph - Louisiana Humanities Center

Turners' Hall fell into decline during the mid-20th century. From 1955 to 1979, it served as a furniture warehouse and used appliance store. ZoomifyView »