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LaRC offers a full range of resources, from books and archives to maps and images. We support almost every area of Louisiana research; special strengths include art, business, Carnival, Civil War, environmental studies, Jewish studies, medicine, politics, social welfare, southern literature, transportation, urban studies, and women's studies.


Briton, Charles - Illustration - "Hyena"

Charles Briton created this drawing of a Mardi Gras costume entitled "Hyena" for the Mistick Krewe of Comus' "Missing Links to Darwin's Origin of the Species" parade in 1873. The hyena wears the visage of Benjamin Butler, the much-resented Union Major General who briefly governed the fallen New Orleans during the Civil War. ZoomifyView »

Campaign Pin

Campaign Pin - Leche, Ellender, Long - 1936

This 1936 lapel pin promotes the candidacy of Richard Leche for Louisiana governor, Allen Ellender for US Senate, and Earl Long for Louisiana lieutenant governor. View »

Gumbo Shop Business Card (Front)

Gumbo - Business Card - Gumbo Shop Business Card

Gumbo Shop catering restaurant business card as well as recipe card for a traditional Creole gumbo. Ca. 1970. ZoomifyView »

Gumbo Shop Business Card (Back)

Gumbo - Business Card - Gumbo Shop Business Card

A traditional Creole gumbo recipe from the Gumbo Shop in New Orleans, printed on the back of the shop's business card, ca. 1970 ZoomifyView »

Hilda Phelps Hammond on the stand

Hammond, Hilda Phelps - Photograph - Hilda Phelps Hammond on the stand

A photograph of Hilda Phelps Hammond on the witness stand. View »

Hilda Phelps Hammond

Hammond, Hilda Phelps - Photograph - Seated at desk

A photograph Hilda Phelps Hammond, seated at a desk. View »

Earl Long Delivering a Speech

Long, Earl - Photograph - Earl Long Delivering a Speech

A photograph from the 1930s depicting Earl Long delivering a speech outdoors. View »

Huey P. Long  for Governor

Long, Huey Pierce, Jr. - Ephemera - 1928 campaign flyer

This campaign flyer from 1928 promoted Huey P. Long for governor of Louisiana. View »


Mistick Krewe of Comus, 'Missing Links' parade - Illustration - Sponge costume design, 1873

Costume design from Mistick Krewe of Comus' 1873 'Missing Links' parade. ZoomifyView »

The Platform

Rainach, William - Document - Campaign Platform

This copy of William Rainach's campaign platform outline for the 1959 governor's race is preserved in the Ephemera Collection of the Louisiana Research Division of Tulane University. ZoomifyView »

William Rainach

Rainach, William - Photograph - Portrait

Democrat William Rainach ran for governor of Louisiana in 1959 on a segregationist platform, and lost to the more favored former Governor Jimmie Davis. View »

See and Hear the Rainach Ticket in Person

Rainach, William - Political Ephemera - "See and Hear the Rainach Ticket in Person"

This poster from segregationist William Rainach's unsuccessful bid for governor in 1959 is one of several pieces of his campaign ephemera that remains intact in research archives. View »

Vote for Me Please

Rainach, William - Political Ephemera - "Vote for Me Please"

William Rainach was a conservative Democrat and an ardent segregationist. In 1959 he ran for governor of Louisiana, and this poster was one of his promotional gimmicks. View »

Rainach for Governor

Rainach, William - Political Ephemera - "Vote Rainach"

This placard was a campaign piece for segregationist William Rainach, who garnered a mere 17 percent of the vote in the 1959 gubernatorial race. Former governor Jimmie Davis won handily in the run-off race with then-New Orleans mayor DeLesseps Morrison. View »

Martha Gilmore Robinson

Robinson, Martha Gilmore

An undated portrait of Martha Gilmore Robinson. View »

The Independent Women's Organization With Martha Gilmore Robinson

Robinson, Martha Gilmore - Photograph - Pictured with members of the Independent Women's Orginazation

A reproduction of a photograph of members of The Independent Women's Organization With Martha Gilmore Robinson in 1954 View »

Martha Gilmore Robinson, receiving the Times Picayune Loving Cup Award.

Robinson, Martha Gilmore - Photograph - Receiving the Loving Cup Award

A photograph of Martha Gilmore Robinson, receiving the Times Picayune Loving Cup Award in 1961. ZoomifyView »

Sherwood Anderson & other Famous Creoles: A Gallery of Contemporary New Orleans

Sherwood Anderson & other Famous Creoles - Illustration

This drawing from "Sherwood Anderson & other Famous Creoles" by William Faulkner and William Spratling, shows the French Quarter at the time of the French Quarter Renaissance. ZoomifyView »

Howard K. Smith

Smith, Howard, K. - Photograph - Yearbook photo

A 1936 yearbook photo of Howard K. Smith from Tulane University's Jambalaya Yearbook. Smith was the student body president for the College of Arts and Sciences. View »

Old Plantation Houses in Louisiana

Spratling, William - Book Cover - "Old Plantation Houses in Louisiana"

In this collaborative work published in 1927, Natalie Scott described the history and analyzed the architectural styles of Louisiana plantation homes while William Spratling provided illustrations. View »